Michael Ward


Michael is a native of San Antonio, TX. He began playing music at a very early age, starting with piano playing, and attending band practice with his mother Carol Ward who is a Jazz vocalist. His fondest memories are listening to Clifford Scott "Honky Tonk" on sax and Frank Garrett on organ, and hearing his mom sing all those great jazz standards. As a member of a family in which everybody sang, he enjoyed every minute of it, and wondered why his friends did not like this type of music.

After entering the sixth grade, Michael enrolled in a string class to learn how to play piano and read music. Once enrolled, he learned that no piano lessons were offered and he must pick a stringed instrument. Michael resorted to use the faithful American process of elimination - inni, minni, monnie, moe - to choose his instrument, and ended up with the violin. Throughout his junior high and high school years he tried many other instruments, but always went back tot he violin.

Upon entering Southern University in Baton Rouge, LA, Michael decided to become a jazz guitarist because he saw no financial future with the violin. After one week in college his roommate asked if he had ever heard Noel Pointer or Jean luc Ponte. He had not, so his roommate handed him a tape, told him to check it out, and exited the room. After listening to the tapes, he knew immediately this was what he wanted to do. Once again he ended up with his violin.

While studying in college with Mr. Alvin Batiste, Michael Joined a group called the 4am band and started working around town, mostly for fun and experience. After he left the group, he started his own band and began working in New Orleans. The fans who followed him for years found him working at Pampy's, a small neighborhood bar where his band performed every Sunday, backing jazz singer Ed Perkins. He always felt as if the entire city of New Orleans was there.

Through many years of hard work, Michael has toured many foreign countries and all over the U.S. He has worked with many well-known musicians and played many of the worlds finest venues. His music has touched the hearts of many and has gained him the respect of his peers around the world. His fans grow in numbers after each of his performances, as does his love for his Violin and music, and his gratitude for the gifts that life has brought him.

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